I am a foreign affairs analyst, writer and researcher, music aficionado, and YouTube archivist in the Washington DC area. I will be retiring soon after a 38-year career with the US Department of State, where I have analyzed and written about diplomacy, politics and military affairs -- in the 1980s about the USSR (you can read about my involvement with the Active Measures Working Group here and view my publications here), then (for nearly 27 years) about the Middle East (specifically, the Arab-Israeli conflict, political-military relations and the strategic balance). These days I work on foreign policy issues related to Africa. I've managed and mentored and am the recipient of numerous Departmental awards.

In addition to my professional interests, I've worked with the Drupal CMS for the last 15 years and am available to assist on all aspects of setup, configuration and maintenance. I recently completed re-building a record store with Drupal 7 and am adding LPs daily.

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