I am a recently-retired (01/2019) State Department foreign affairs analyst, writer and political observer, and now an independent consultant and classical music YouTube archivist in the Washington DC area. I have nearly four decades of experience at the nexus of the worlds of intelligence and diplomacy -- I was present when the intelligence community and the Department of State made the transition from manual typewriters and rotary telephones to email and internet connectivity -- a transition, the repercussions of which are only now beginning to be understood -- and am available to share with you my expertise, insights, and observations on international affairs and foreign policy.

I am passionate about music and, in addition to my professional interests, manage a classical music YouTube channel with over 37,000 subscribers. I have a large collection of LPs -- including many old classical recordings that have never been commercially marketed on CD -- and enjoy digitizing these rare performances to make them more widely available.

I also am fascinated by IT, and enjoy building websites for friends and clients. I've worked with the Drupal CMS for the last 18 years and am available to assist on all aspects of setup, configuration and maintenance. I recently completed re-building a record store with Drupal 7 and am adding LPs daily. (I've been selling LPs to music lovers around the world for the last 19 years.) I am now working with Drupal 8 and eventually will be migrating this site and others.

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