George Feyer, 1950s and 60s

George Feyer (Hungary, 27 October 1908 – New York, 21 October 2001) was a classically trained pianist who turned to 'light' music upon graduating, and released a series of top-selling "Echoes of..." records on Vox Records. Feyer was born György Fejér, but westernised his name after leaving Europe. Mr. Feyer mixed an education in classical music with a love of pop, then added a dash of his Maurice Chevalier singing voice and a spicy pinch of topical comment to concoct an entertainment cocktail to amuse his sophisticated audiences. George Lang, the New York restaurateur and a Hungarian like Mr. Feyer, said Mr. Feyer fused ''styles, periods, stories and humor'' to create an effect not unlike that of Victor Borge. ''He was the master of this,'' he said. ''There is no one like him anymore.'' (continued...)